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New! Distance and Bearing Calculations

We are in the process of implementing this new functionality in all regions. You will be able to specify any spot on the chart as your "origin". Once this is established, as you move the cursor around the chart you will see the Lat/Lon position of the cursor, along with the Distance and Bearing from the specified origin. This data is displayed in the Browser Status Bar, at the bottom of your screen. If you have trouble finding the Status Bar, please check our FAQ's page.

Here's how it works:

  1. Above each chart you will see 2 buttons, labeled "Set Origin" and "Clear Origin"
  2. To specify your origin, first click the "Set Origin" button.
  3. The next spot you click on the chart becomes the origin. A red dot is placed at the origin.
  4. As you move the cursor around the chart, you'll see the Distance and Bearing in the browser status bar.
  5. To change the origin, click the "Set Origin" button again, then click the new spot on the chart.
  6. To clear the origin, click the "Clear Origin" button.
  7. Distances are in Nautical Miles, Bearings are Magnetic.

Browser Compatibility Notes: We recommend the use of Netscape 6 and later, or Internet Explorer 5 and later. We do try to keep the site compatible with earlier versions, but as we add enhancements it gets more difficult. Netscape 4.x will work for most features, but no spot will be placed on the origin. Future enhancements will likely not support Netscape 4.x.

Macintosh Users: IE 5 causes incorrect values in the Lat/Lon readings. We are working on this issue, but for now we recommend using Safari, Firefox or another Mac compatible browser. Besides, what loyal Mac user would trust a Microsoft browser!