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Note the Image Time
Some images are from satellite shots in the early AM, some are from shots in the PM. Due to solar warming, you may find a 1-2 degree difference in temperatures throughout the day. Remember, it's the temperature break you are looking for, not necessarily the specific temperature.

Pay Attention to the Temperature Scale
For each image, we select the range of temperatures that gives the best definition to the temperature breaks. This scale will often be different from day to day, or for adjoining regions.

Watch the Charts Regularly
Even when you're not fishing, it pays to check your regional chart on a daily basis. This will give you a good idea of how the water is moving, and in the event that we don't have a current image on the day you do fish, you'll at least be able to guestimate where the breaks will be. Also, if you get any accurate fish reports, plot them on that days chart, and you will soon have a clear picture of just which temperature breaks are holding the fish.

Printing Tips
Just a few tips for printing. First, (an obvious one, but you never know) print the charts and bring them with you! Regarding the print quality of the printed image, while it's not really that important, the easiest way to get a better quality image is to use good paper. Not great paper, just good paper. Our personal favorite is HP Premium Ink Jet paper, which runs about .10/sheet. The easiest way to print the chart is straight off the site, just hit the print icon in your browser. However, you may find that you get a better image if you download the chart first, then open it with your favorite graphics program (Paintshop Pro, Photoshop, etc.) for printing. When printing from a graphics program, there is usually an option to "Print to Fit the Page". Selecting this option will resize the image to the maximum size possible for your specific printer.

Check the Free Regional Images, too!
Sometimes subscribers get so focused on the detailed charts, they ignore the free images. These regional charts, while not very useful on the water, give an excellent look at the big picture. Use them to keep an eye on that big ball of warm water moving into range!