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My Regions - how to customize your index pages

Purpose - Over the years the number of different regions we process has grown to over 200. Most people end up using maybe a dozen different regions 90% of the time. It can be a chore at times to find the specific region you are after in the list. To simplify that you can now specify a list of the regions that you use the most - called "My Regions". Once you select one or more regions to be in your customized list, this will be the default list that you see when you first access the Terrafin site.

How does it work? - As always we try to keep things as simple as possible. We use "cookies" that store the list of regions on your computer. The only requirement is that you have cookies enabled in your web browser. For most of you that means there is nothing you need to do, as cookies are most likely already enabled. You do need to be aware though, that this means the list of regions you designate is stored only on this specific computer. If you access the site from one computer at home and another at work, you'll need to create the My Regions list on both computers.

How to create the list of regions - When you access either the Latest SST or Chlorophyll index pages you will see a list of regions. By default, if you have not added any regions to the "My Regions" list, the list you see initially will consist of All Regions. At the top of the list you will see a list of the various zones - West Coast, East Coast, Gulf Coast, All Regions, etc. If you click on one of the specific zones the index will be rewritten to show only the regions within that zone. To ADD regions to your custom list, simply click on the Add link at the end of the line for each of the regions you want. If you make a mistake and include a region that you don't want, you will see that the link now gives you the option to Remove. It's a simple as that! Once you have created your list of regions, this will be the default list that you see when you first come to the Latest SST or Chlorophyll index pages. If you want to view a region that is NOT in your list, you can always click the specific zone at the top of the list (or "All Regions") to access the complete list of regions.

Note: - When you clear the cookies within your web browser, the My Regions list will be cleared as well. Some browsers can be set to delete all offline data whenever the browser is closed, if you use that option you will lose the My Regions list every time you end the session. Some browsers will give you the option to define specific cookies that should NOT be deleted, so if you use the "clear all private data" option you might want to look into that.

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